The Sayana Reboot Program

The ultimate goal of this medical program is to become healthier by reducing any excess body fat and reducing inflammation.

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This video explains the Sayana Reboot Program, which is a medical weight loss program.

The Sayana Reboot Program

This medical program works to increase healthiness by reducing excess body fat and inflammation.

The Sayana Reboot Program combines three modalities that I am trained in: internal, obesity, and functional medicine. Although each of these methodologies can assist with weight loss, they are not complete on their own; hence, I have designed the Sayana Reboot Program with the idea to merge these modalities in order to create a program that helps with reducing body fat and inflammation.

The Sayana Reboot Program is a holistic approach to weight loss combining the following:

All of these factors can have a direct impact on both your short-term and long-term weight loss success.

Through regular consultations with the providers at Sayana Medical, including our integrative health coaches, we will work together to create a plan to help you reach and maintain your dietary and lifestyle goals. 

First, we will get baseline blood work samples to help identify hormonal imbalances such as thyroid, adrenal, and insulin levels that could be affecting your weight.

We will then run labs for inflammation markers and food allergies. If you have an unknown autoimmune issue or food allergy, eating food that triggers an inflammatory response will prevent any long-term, meaningful success on a weight loss program.

As indicated, and only if the patient is interested, the following pharmaceutical medications can be prescribed:

These medications are covered by most PPO insurance plans or are in the range of around $20 per month. If you do qualify to take Phendimetrazine or Phentermine, an EKG within the last 6 months will be required, or we are able to perform EKGs in our office for $20. 

At every office visit with a provider during this program, you’ll receive a Bioimpedance Measurement (BIA), which measures your body fat in relation to lean body mass. This measurement will help us understand more about your body fat, muscle composition, and hydration levels.

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The sayana reboot program


Depending on the results of your blood work, we will together evaluate what vitamins and supplements may be beneficial to your system as the program gets underway. Among the vitamins I commonly recommend to augment weight loss efforts are:

Vitamin D: Studies show that Vitamin D can help with harmonizing thyroid levels and preventing fat accumulation. Additionally, deficiencies in Vitamin D can be linked to increased mental health issues and low energy and mood.

Chromium: This vitamin has been known to assist in increasing the effectiveness of your body’s insulin production and help even out glucose levels. By evening out sugar levels, weight loss.

Fish Oil: The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil could have anti-inflammatory effects and help increase hormones that help regulate food intake. Additionally, omega-3s have shown a correlation with lower blood pressure, prevention of blood clots, and joint pain.

You may purchase the above in the Reboot Lite Bundle at this link.

For those who have elevated inflammation and/or insulin levels, I recommend replacing the chromium with Diaxinol, adding Inflammation support and 5htp.

Diaxinol: Supports healthy glucose metabolism and reduces carb cravings.

Inflammation support: Helps modulates inflammatory responses and supports healthy lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammatory markers to support weight loss.

5HTP: Helps to support Serotonin and increase satiety which helps with weight loss. A safe alternative to L-tryptophan, L5HTP (L-5-hydroxytryptophan) is a precursor to serotonin, supporting serotonin levels while respecting the body’s ability to self-regulate synthesis.

This formulation also comes in the Sayana Reboot Advanced Bundle.

Length of the Program

At Sayana Medical and Wellness Center we want to paint a realistic picture of how long participation in the Reboot Program might take. In order to create sustainable habits that can be carried forward, the length of the program will depend on how much weight loss is needed.

At least 3, but up to 12 months will be spent in the first phase of the program. The following is a framework we often use:

After the completion of the active weight loss phase, it is recommended to join our maintenance program. 

The maintenance program consists of monthly check-ins to discuss ongoing lifestyle changes and track weight loss goals. Scheduling monthly accountability appointments will provide a foundation for success and an opportunity to catch, and put an end to bad habits.

The Sayana Reboot Program is designed to help each patient take their first steps towards the lifelong journey of maintaining a healthy weight for the body and mind.


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  1. In order to appropriately evaluate your needs, vitals, and expected program timeframe, we charge $507/month for the initial program consultation. 

This includes: 

    • An initial consultation with a provider at Sayana Medical either in person or online (your preference)
    • A BIA (a measure your body fat and muscle) 
    • One Lipotropic amino injection 
    • A telemedicine appointment with one of the Sayana Medical health coaches, usually 1-2 weeks after the initial consult  

2. Depending on how much weight you’ll need to lose, the costs would then be on a monthly basis for Phase 1 of the program. 

    • If you are only expected to need three months of the program, we would charge a monthly fee of $387. 
    • Additional costs will include the costs of any supplements—  either the Reboot Lite Bundle which includes Vitamin D, Chromium, and high-potency fish oil, or the full Reboot Advanced Bundle which includes Vitamin D, high-potency fish oil, Diaxinol, 5HTP and Inflammation Support.  
    • Prescription medication if indicated (additional cost of up to $20 or can be covered by most PPO insurances)
    • Patients can get additional (1 is included with the monthly fee) weekly Lipotropic amino injections at a cost of $35 for each or $30 each in a series of 6 ($180). 
    • Cost of any lab work or other diagnostic tests needed (can be billed through insurance). The lab work recommended includes thyroid and adrenal hormones, inflammatory markers, insulin, and food sensitivities.  The cost of these (direct pay) is $330 if done at our office.  For food sensitivities alone it is $190.

3. Once you reach your maintenance phase, we encourage our patients to check in with us monthly. These check-in visits are $387 and include monitoring your vitals and a visit with one of our providers with any prescription refills if needed. 

It is not necessary to do blood work, however it is prefered if you do, so that we may understand any hormonal imbalances such as thyroid or adrenal issues, elevated inflammatory markers and food sensitivities at onset so we can treat these immediately rather than you hitting a plateau. These can be partially covered with most PPO insurances, or you can get them done at your primary care provider’s office.  If you choose to do them with us, the cost is $330

We would like you to come in for at least one visit to get your vitals and BIA measured, but if you prefer doing all visits virtual you can. For any medications that could affect your blood pressure, we will need you to get a BP cuff at home.

Yes, this is a month to month program with no contracts.

No, this is for patients who are not our primary care patients since this only focuses on weight loss.

Yes, you should only take what you feel comfortable taking.  These supplements are our recommendation based on what we have seen work but it is completely up to you.

Yes you can, but in our experience they only work in concert with other weight loss efforts such as diet changes, exercise and a reduction in inflammation.

Yes. There are no contracts for this program, so you may cancel at any point.

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