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We are committed to partnering with you to resolve the root cause of your symptoms so that you get well and love the way you feel.

We at Sayana medical aim to provide you with a comprehensive assessment, access to state-of-the-art testing as well as the knowledge of the best conventional and natural treatments to tap into the body’s evolved ability to heal and optimize your health


Autoimmune Disorders:

Cardiometabolic Conditions:

Gastrointestinal Disorders:

Hormone Disorders:

Preventive Medicine:


Internal Medicine AND Functional Medicine

Merging the best of conventional and natural treatments, we will not only aim to find the root cause of symptoms, but also provide high-quality comprehensive care and individualized plans to all patients.

Using a combination of principles from internal and functional medicine to create a framework that evaluates any symptoms, we are able to provide treatment options from both approaches. We first focus on diet and lifestyle changes; if that is not sufficient in restoring your health, we will then move to additional treatment options.


We realize that your journey toward health and vitality begins with your first visit to Sayana Medical and Wellness Center, however, our business is built on relationships, here are just a few.


Sayana Medical and Wellness Center is here to support you all the way on your healing journey. Therapies that tap into the body’s evolved ability to heal, activating an anti-inflammatory response and increasing detoxification.

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At Sayana Medical Wellness Center, healing is based on a partnership and a process. To find and treat the root causes of your illness, you will have to work hard and so will we.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine - Functional Medicine

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