Ready To Get Your Life Back?

Don’t let your symptoms get the best of you and rob you of your energy. We have specialized programs that handle the exact wellness challenges you are experiencing, so you can get your life back!

Why Partner With A Functional Medicine Practitioner?

Our Approach is Different

At Sayana Medical, we believe the absence of disease does not equal wellness. In fact, to feel well, all aspects of your health must be functioning optimally. 

To achieve that, we use a team approach to guide and help you understand what it takes to feel well. We address root causes such as hormonal imbalance, gut health, toxin exposure, and most importantly lifestyle habits that can help you stay and feel well for a lifetime. 

We have put together 3 programs that address 3 main concerns 

Rebalance – Hormone balance for those entering or in the midst of perimenopause, menopause/Andro- pause 

Reboot and rebalance – For those with hormonal imbalances and symptoms that prevent them from feeling well 

Clarity – For those with Chronic medical issues such as prediabetes, high cholesterol, autoimmune conditions, high blood pressure with symptoms of low energy, brain fog, low libido and unwanted weight.


Gently flush toxins from your system so your cells can do their job properly (for clear skin and less brain fog).

Improve digestion for optimal nutrient absorption and to boost immunity (for a flatter stomach and more energy).

Balance hormones to help you love the way you feel! (with improved mood, metabolism and sex drive).

Help you establish healthy lifestyle habits for the long-term (so you can maintain the benefits and thrive!).

Sayana Medical Health Roadmap