IV Therapy


All Sayana Medical & Wellness providers and staff work together to pool expertise with the end goal of providing the best integrative care for our patients.

Why IV Nutrient Therapy?

This video is about why we offer IV Nutrient Therapy and its benefits.

Gone are the days when IVs were only accessible to those who stay in the hospital for serious ailments. Today many health conscious people enjoy IVs for a multitude of reasons. At Sayana medical and wellness, we believe IV therapy is a useful tool to provide your body with the best nutrients for optimal health.

** Our Trained practitioners can evaluate your health, run tests and determine if your unique conditions would benefit from IV therapy.

** IVs can be self-prescribed to treat various acute symptoms such as acute migraines, dehydration, or hangovers.

** IVs can also be used to support your weight loss journey

IV Therapy is used to Improve

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